Metro Vision 2028

Metro Vision 2028 book spread

Client: Metro

Date: Summer, 2018

Transportation has tremendous impact on the quality of life for all who live, work and play in LA. In this report, the social facets are parsed, and goals and metrics are defined in ambitious terms. I illustrated and designed the publication, and contributed to editing it.

Download the complete document here.

Obama Commemorative TAP cards

TAP card with Obama's face on the front.

Client: TAP

2014 to present

Special occasion TAP cards are a tradition. We at Metro make them for noteworthy occasions, such as the renaming of Rodeo Road to Obama Blvd, in the Crenshaw community of LA. I design and illustrate these.

Memorial Day TAP cards

TAP card with a an image of a soldier saluting.

Client: TAP

2018 and ongoing

This was my favorite design but Metro did not pick this version. I designed and illustrated it.

Metro Art Presents Posters

Dancers in mid-air at Ticketing Hall, Union Station

Client: Metro Art

2014 to present

A few times per month, a public art program of Metro, Metro Art Presents, organizes high-quality performers to stage public shows at Union Station. I often create posters and ads for these events. These are some of my favorite projects to illustrate and design at Metro.

Find out about Metro Art Presents events here.

Crochet Jam in Little Tokyo

Gathering around a table of scrap fabric to make a crochet.

Client: Metro Art

March 2019

Introduced by Metro-commissioned artist Clare Rojas, Ramekon O'Arwisters, a Bay Area public engagement artist, led a group of about 45 willing participants from across LA County to weave strips of colored fabric together.Three hours later (which passed like a half hour), we joined our strands a produced a giant, vibrant piece. It is beautiful and a symbol of collective effort and imagination. That's the symbol of community civic engagement.

Download my poster design here.

Forward Motion exhibition catalog

Maria Reynolds, Transportation Director at Metro, poses next to her portrait in the Asselin Exhibition, in Union Station.

Client: Metro Art

Date: Spring 2019

Metro Art organized an exhibition of photography entitled Forward Motion. Michele Asselin took photos of 21 women employees at Metro and created collages with photos of the intrastructure environment, which were printed onto film and featured in lightboxes in the corridor. To accompany the exhibition, I designed a catalog. Through the design, I aimed to preserve the powerful austerity of the photography and presence emitted through each subject. The typography aims to capture this same elegance, with a quietude, so that the artwork can take center stage.

Download the complete book here.

The Makers exhibition catalog

Image of an artist and his photo in the exhibition

Client: Metro Art

Date: Spring, 2016

Throughout the Metro transportation system, public artwork highlights, accents and offers meaning to riders' journeys. The artwork may be loud and bold or quiet and subtle, but one thing is for sure, the artists, the makes, are invisible. This exhibition, The Makers was a lightbox series at on show at Union Station and honors the artists who have contributed to Metro. I designed the publication. The photos were taken by artist and photographer, Todd Gray.

Download the complete book here.

We're on this ride together Metro Safety Campaign

Simple line drawing of the interior of a bus and bus driver.

Client: Metro Art

Date: Spring, 2016

A pleasant ride and safety takes the care of each person on the ride. This campaign is a gentle reminder that a shared ride means being considerate for all around you. And in this vein, riding a bus or a train can offer a much more memorable and enjoyable experience than riding alone.

I illustrated, designed and copywrote this ad campaign.

Bus Operator Assault Metro Safety Campaign

Saul Bass-inspired visual campaign condemning bus operator assault.

Client: Metro Art

Date: Spring, 2016

On Metro buses' most dangerous lines, violence against bus operators was getting more frequent and more severe. Metro launched a campaign that showed on these lines only. It was important to target only the locations of the violence.

I illustrated and designed this campaign.

TAP card

Standard, regular fare TAP card, to ride Metro bus and rail.

Client: TAP

Date: Summer, 2016

The TAP office wanted to distinguish itself from the look and feel of the Metro brand. Considering that Metro was heavily reliant on photography and hard-lined, vector shapes, I took a softer approach and focused on the atmospheric. TAP serves regional transportation systems' fare media, including Metrolink and Foothill transit, which travel beyond LA County. I illustrated and designed the standard TAP card.