Graphic design is more than surface — it’s substance.

Illustration of happy kids running drawn over a photograph of a park.
Transit Access Pass card, surface design.
Colorful and upside down collage of East Portal Union Station. A poster
Colorful Brazilian dancers. A Poster
A Poster showing an elderly African-American man tap-dancing.
Father and daughter portrait, side by side. A poster.
Memorial Day TAP card featuring a flag.
Rosalind Tuckson on the cover of a book.
Three-language poster for a Metro Art event. Image of crocheting.
A poster of organic forms in geometric shapes. A poster for John Levine Collective.
Portrait of Obama and his new boulevard on a TAP card.
Illustration of riders on a bus.
Illustration of a fist coming down on the words, bus operator.
Cover of an exhibition catalog featuring an artist painting a catalog.
Brazilian style Capoeira dancers on the horizon.
A poster for the Wizard of Oz screening at Union Station.