Line drawing of dishes in a rack.

Location: Pasadena, CA

Date: Spring, 2014

This is the price we pay for dietary dignity or culinary creds is the washing up. The larger the household, the more the dishes. Regardless, this drying rack of mine fills up multiple times per day — a true sculptural manifestation in which no two arrangements are alike. Can I make friends with a task that I don't particularly like? I try to do it through these graphite drawings.

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interior scene composed of magazine clippings.

Location: Pasadena, CA

Date: 2016-2019

Magazines and advertisements show pictures of impeccably crafted home interiors, replete with slippers casually strewn on a matching rug. True home ownership and domestic care are never so languidly achieved. How is this deception allowed, moreover envied?

When I embarked upon home ownership myself, the piling tasks of repairs were relentless and difficult. Until then, I believed those pictures. But now, I cut them up and make pictures out of them that depict what domestic beauty truly looks like to me.

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Clifton Alley Mural

View of the mural at an angle so the way down the alley is visible too.

Location: Pasadena, CA

Date: Spring, 2019

In this community, the alleyway is, at its best, practical access to the garage, where the car is driven and parked. At its worst, the alleyway becomes a neglected no man's land, where trash cans and walls line either side, and that pedestrians avoid walking. How can we invite improvement? Is it possible to transform it into a welcoming promenade?

I am experimenting by painting a mural of the original San Gabriel Valley natural landscape over the wall of my garage, which is at the entrance of one of these alleyways. Interestingly, as my enterprise approaches completion, the entire alley is seeing an improvement in its appearance. Can it be that caring is contagious?

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Year of the Pig, 2019

Painting and collage of pig.

Location: Realm, LA Chinatown, CA

Date: Winter, 2019

Curated by Shervin Shabazi and Sonia Mak of the Ministry of Culture, I participated in a group show to welcome the Year of the Pig.

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Various Life Drawings

Charcoal sketch of woman.

Location: Various, CA

Date: Since 1997

Life drawing has been central to my art practice.

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Center for Thoughtful Exchange (CTE)

booklet spread showing the location of CTE.

Location: South Pasadena, CA

Date: 2013-2015

An anonymous and free therapy session open to the public and located near a transit station. I ran it by myself, with two chairs and a foldout table for four hours every weekend. It was highly well-received and discussions were deep and personal. I documented it in this zine.

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Platinum Streaks


Location: Highland Park, LA, CA

Date: 2014

During the fever pitch growth of home prices in Highland Park, the hipster capital of LA in 2015, I was looking for a home to buy too. I was shocked and dismayed by the trends. This book was my way to "vent" about what I was witnessing.

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